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The Institute for Financial Wellbeing

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Join us in discussions & discover how financial wellbeing tenets can improve client interactions.

About Us

The Institute for Financial Wellbeing (IFW), is a non-profit membership organisation for people engaged in the provision of financial advice, financial planning and financial coaching who want to improve clients' financial wellbeing, helping them become happier and more fulfilled – not just wealthier – by understanding and implementing financial wellbeing behaviours and practices in day-to-day client interactions.

Our intention is to create change for good, to be a movement where our members can stand up and stand out as the ‘absolute best’ in their profession.

If you aren't yet a member, you will need to join the IFW before you can access our Community

IFW members benefit from the support and stimulation of being part of a vibrant community of likeminded finance professionals, and enjoy access to collated, trusted resources, as well as bespoke resources, on the topic of financial wellbeing.

We also offer Corporate member packages, which may be more appropriate if you’re part of a company with a number of financial planners or coaches.

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Why You Should Join Us

We are a member-led organisation with membership available for individual advisers, planners and coaches as well as organisations.

Our purpose is to help you improve your client’s financial wellbeing by helping them become more fulfilled, rather than simply wealthier.

The IFW Mighty Networks channel is your interactive place to share ideas, ask questions, network and gain more financial wellbeing knowledge. Access is included with IFW Membership. This is the place to find out about IFW events, discover more about membership benefits and get involved in or start conversations with likeminded people about financial wellbeing.

Here’s a handy guide on how to make the most of the IFW community site.

A Big Thank

Thank you for joining the Institute for Financial Wellbeing! 

The majority of our monthly and quarterly events count towards your Continuing Professional Development requirements, as well as providing valuable information that could benefit your business, alongside your other benefits including access to our growing resources library. Recent new resources have included have included practical tools such as a bespoke infographic to help members explain the benefits of financial wellbeing to clients and colleagues. We have more in development.

As a non-profit organisation, every membership counts for the IFW and enables us to continue researching and finding ways implement financial wellbeing to make positive developments in the finance industry. Thank you for being part of the conversation!